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Wayne Wapeemukwa

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Wayne Wapeemukwa

Wayne Wapeemukwa

Professional Bio

Wayne is a Graduate Fellow at the Humanities Institute and SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship holder who will be completing his dissertation, "Partisans of the Soil: Land, Race, Capital, and Métis Dispossession," in Spring 2023. His research reanimates dialogue between Marxism and Indigenous political theories as they engage questions of land, race, capital, and history. He specializes in nineteenth and twentieth century Marxism, its uptake among Indigenous activists, as well as Indigenous-feminist approaches to decolonization.

Areas of Specialization:

Social and Political Philosophy (esp. Marxism and Critical Theory), Indigenous and Decolonial Theories, 19th - 20th century Continental Philosophy 

Areas of Competency:

Critical Philosophy of Race and Indigenous and Decolonizing Pedagogy 


Selected Publications: 

“Oedipal Empire: Psychoanalysis, Indigenous Peoples, and The Oedipus Complex in Colonial Context,” in Lacan and Race: Racism, Identity and Psychoanalytic Theory. Ed., Sheldon George and Derek Hook. Routledge Press. (2021) (LINK) 

“Land, Water, Mathematics, and Relationships: What Does Creating Decolonizing and Indigenous Curricula Ask of Us?” in Education Studies, v.57, no. 3, pp. 345-363. Co-authored with Dr. Hollie Kulago, Paul Guernsey, and Matthew Black. (2021) (LINK

“Contagion Castration: Lacan’s Extimacy and Fanon’s Sociogeny on Anti-Indigenous Environmental Racism and COVID-19,” Contours, Issue 10 (Summer 2020) (LINK