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Welcome to theDepartment of Philosophy at Penn State

The first hundred years of the Penn State Philosophy Department (founded in 1924) have laid a remarkable foundation for its second hundred years. For decades, students interested in philosophy have looked to the Penn State Philosophy Department for its excellence in the history of philosophy and European philosophy. Students today still look to us for these same strengths but pressing social issues have been driving students to depend on us for our philosophical engagements with race, gender, and the environment. .Through our traditional and new strengths, the Penn State Philosophy Department is responsive to and responsible for a changing society. In this way, the Penn State Philosophy Department aims to be a leader in the national and international philosophical community and in academia at large. 



We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our diverse community of excellent scholars, teachers, and students.

The Penn State Philosophy Department will celebrate its centenary in 2024. More information for the centenary celebration to follow.