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Philosophy Minor

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Philosophy Minor

Philosophy Minor

A minor in philosophy shows prospective employers and graduate programs the depth of your commitment to critical and humanistic inquiry—a trait commonly desired across the industries and professional or academic disciplines. It also complements and strengthens any field of study at the University in which you may be majoring; for many students, it’s psychology, finance, English, political science, history, biology, or any of dozens of others. Or minor in Philosophy just because you love it. Please talk to your adviser to learn how easy it is to upgrade your Philosophy minor to a double major.

Minor Requirements

Students must take 18 credits in philosophy, chosen with the Philosophy Adviser. Six of these credits must be at the 400 level. The remaining 12 credits are normally to be chosen from the 200 level (6 credits) and the 00 or 100 level (6 credits) though some substitutions may be approved by the adviser.

  • Six (6) Credits at the 00 or 100 level
  • Six (6) Credits at the 200 level
  • Six (6) Credits at the 400 level

How to Declare

You can declare the minor in Philosophy through your Student Center in Lion PATH.  Please make sure you meet with an adviser to ensure appropriate course selection.