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Funding and Support

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Funding and Support

The Department of Philosophy funds all of its Ph.D. students. The funding is provided for 5 years. It includes: (1) a minimum stipend of $21780; (2) tuition; and (3) funding for 80% of the health insurance cost. It also includes $1000 per year for travel to conferences ($5000 total). Each year, the Philosophy Department tries to recruit the best students possible. It usually matches offers that students receive from other programs.

When admitted, the Philosophy Department nominates each student for one of the following university-wide awards: (1) the University Graduate Fellowship; (2) the Bunton-Waller Fellowship; or (3) the Graduate Scholar award.

All of these awards increase the basic stipend. The University Graduate Fellowship includes a release from all teaching assistantship responsibilities in the first year. The Bunton-Waller Fellowship usually includes 3 years of summer funding.

The Philosophy Department may also nominate one incoming student for the Dean’s Distinguished Graduate Fellowship, which increases the basic stipend and includes a one year release from all teaching responsibilities.

Summer teaching is usually available to increase the stipend amount.

All doctoral students receive the Humanities Dissertation Release, which releases them from teaching responsibilities in the 10th and final semester of the program.

The Department awards one continuing student per year the Sparks Fellowship, which includes a one-year teaching release.

Students enrolled in the dual-title Ph.D. program with Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and with Classics and Mediterranean Studies usually receive an additional year of funding by teaching in that department.