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Travel Funds Request Form

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Travel Funds Request Form

All graduate students who are in good standing have access to a travel budget.  Each student will have a five year travel allotment.  Based on the condition that the philosophy department’s budget remains constant, your travel budget for the five years in which you are receiving funding will be: $5000 total for travel for conference presentations.  In the case of the $5000, delivering a conference highlight paper is a requirement of receiving funding.  You may request additional funding if you are attending a philosophy summer institute like the Collegium Phaenomenologicum, the Frankfurt School Summer Institute, or the Caribbean Philosophical Association Summer School.

The expenditures of this funding are based on the following spending limits:

Conferences in the US: up to $750
International conferences: up to $1500

We hope that this five-year travel allotment will allow you to track what funding is available to you and select the conferences that are most important to your professional development and job placement. It is our expectation that this funding be spread out over the 5 years because our budget will not permit your requesting all your funding in one year.  All requests are subject to the approval of the DGS.

Procedure for Graduate Student Travel Reimbursement

Travel reimbursements are processed by the Sparks Region Finance Office for the College of the Liberal Arts in 231 Sparks Building. The Finance Office will reimburse you only for the amount the Philosophy Department has approved for your travel. You may use the approved amount for all travel to and from the conference (airfare and/or ground transportation), housing, and for meals.  However, for meals, the College allots a per diem; you may ask for the per diem if the travel and hotel expenses have not exhausted the approved amount for your travel. In order to receive your reimbursement in a timely fashion, please submit your travel and hotel receipts and your request for the meal per diem (do not submit restaurant receipts) to 231 Sparks Building as soon as possible after your travel.  The reimbursement usually takes about two weeks, and will appear as a direct deposit to your checking account.

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