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Philosophy Graduate Student Organization

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Philosophy Graduate Student Organization

Philosophy Graduate Student Organization

Mission Statement: 

The Philosophy Graduate Student Organization provides an organizational structure that responds to various educational, social, community, and outreach needs of Penn State’s Philosophy Department graduate students. The PGSO’s goal is to help create a collaborative and empowering work life for graduate students, faculty, and all members of our department. Our organization exists to encourage all department members to undertake in improving the academic life of our department, creating workspaces (reading groups, practical application initiatives, co-authorships, writing workshops, etc.), and appointing graduate students to departmental committees. The PGSO and its officers strive for a welcoming and inclusive environment in which graduate students can discuss departmental life and propose ideas and suggestions to the department.


President: Jules Wong 

Vice President: Daniel Calzadillas-Rodriguez 

Treasurer: Paige Chapman

Secretary: Charié Payne

Media Manager: Kaílah Jeffries

Office Managers: Heather Brown

The PGSO is active in organizing both academic and social events for the Philosophy Department graduate students. Each semester, the PGSO puts together at least one graduate peer workshop – a forum in which graduate students have the opportunity to present their work to their peers and receive feedback on it (often in preparation for an upcoming conference). The PGSO has also taken on other academic initiatives, such as an inclusive pedagogy workshop series, and regularly organizes graduate-student centered social events, as well.