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List of Alumni

List of Alumni

Notable Alumni of the Penn State Philosophy Ph.D. Program:

Robert Pippin at the University of Chicago
Iris Marion Young at the University of Chicago (deceased)
Cindy Willet at Emory University
Todd May at Clemson University.
Shannon Winnubst at Ohio State University
David Roochnik, Chair of Philosophy at Boston University
Drew Hyland, Charles A. Dana Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
Jacob Howland, McFarlin Professor of Philosophy at The University of Tulsa
Charles Griswold, Borden Parker Bowne Professor of Philosophy, Boston University
William Desmond, Professor of Philosophy, Katholieck Universiteit Leuven, Institute of Philosophy

Ayesha Abdullah“Time and Critique in Heidegger and Deleuze,” Lawlor, 2015 Fall

Sabrina Aggleton, “Vulnerable Bodies: The Threat of Sexual Violence and the Error of Risk Reduction Strategies,” Lawlor, 2017 Summer

David AglerPragmatic Minimalism: A Defense of Formal Semantics,” Colapietro, 2012 Summer

Stacey Ake, Vaught/Anderson, 1999 Summer

Marianna Alessandri, Sullivan, 2010 Spring

Panos D. Alexakos“Giving Up the Big Picture: Nietzsche and the Problem of Cultural Criticism,” Flay, 1995 Fall

J. Davidson Alexander“A Critique of Representational Thinking,” 1972

Robert V. Allen

David Blair Allison“Derrida’s Critique of Husserl: The Philosophy of Presence,” Lingis, 1974

Anastasia Anagnostopoulou“Imagination and Healing: A Theoretical Exploration of the Use of Imagery in Three Models of Psychotherapy,” 1989

Nathan Andersen, Russon, 2000 Spring

Douglas Rand Anderson“Creativity and The Philosophy of C.S. Peirce,” 1984

Anu Aneja“Feminine Discourses of Love: Helene Cixous, Kamala Das, and Anita Desai,” 1989

Brian Armstrong, Jacquette, 2007 Fall

Omer Aygun, Conway/Russon, 2007 Spring

John D. Bailiff“Coming to Be: An Interpretation of the Self in the Thought of Martin Heidegger,” 1966

John Bailiff, “Delaware Kant and the Problem of the Self,” 1961

Lawrence E. Jr. Bair“Kierkegaard’s Pfahle (A Psychological Study of Kierkegaard’s Melancholy as Reflected in His Writings),” 1948

Daniel G. Baker“Hegel and the Question of Method,” 1983

Joey Balay, Schmidt, 2014 Spring

Joseph Barker“First as Enclosure, then as Escape: Heidegger and Deleuze on Nietzsche’s Relation to Western Philosophy,” Lawlor, 2017 Fall

Patrick G. Barker“De Nihilo et Tenebris: Fredegisus of Tours and His Dialetical Theology,” 1988

Dennis Beach“O.S.B. The Infinite Passion of Responsibility: A Critique of Absolute Knowing,” Flay, 1998 Spring

Larry K. Beck“The Lockean Meaning of Self and Personal Identity,” 1965

Karim Joost Benammar“Pictures of Thought: The Representational Function of Visual Models,” Lingis, 1993 Fall

Silvia Benso“On an Ethics of Things: Levinas and Heidegger Revisited,” Vaught, 1993 Summer

Theodore Bergsma“From Presence to Eternity: Time and Timelessness in Deleuze’s Early Philosophy of the Unconscious,” Lawlor, 2020 Spring

Susan Naomi Bernstein“Writing as Process and Metaphor in Selected Works of Louisa May Alcott, Margaret Fuller, Herman Melville, and Harriet Jacobs,” 1993 

Paul Bilger, Schmidt, 2011 Spring

Robert B. Blaine“Sartrean Freedom,” 1962

Elizabeth Blettner“Analogues and Archetypes in Kant’s Philosophy of History,” 1985

Anne-Marie Bowery (Frosolono), Rosen, 1993 Summer

Michael Bray, Conway, 2002 Summer

Sara BrillHygieia: Health and Medicine in Plato’s Republic,” Sallis, 2004 Spring

Harold William Brogan“The Ontological Motif in Kant’s Account of Reflective Judgment,” Kockelmans, 1996 Fall

Michael Brownstein, Christman, 2008 Spring

Daniel Brunson, Colapietro, 2010 Fall

James Brusseau, Lingis, 1993 Fall

James Henry Buchanan“Ground as Unity and Primordial Ground in the Thought of Martin Heidegger,” 1970

Amy Bush, Conway/Rosen, 2003 Fall

Derrick R. Calandrella“Husserl, Heidegger and the Phenomenology of Logic,” Sallis, 2001 Spring

Daniel Campos, Anderson, 2005 Fall

Laura Canis, Scott, 2000 Fall

Paul Canis, Scott, 2000 Spring

Andrew P. Carlson“Creation and the Logic of Being in Leibniz,” Vaught, 1997 Fall

Richard Charles Casey“Magic, Sacraments, and Society A Study in Causality,” 1956

R. M. Cater, “The Unity of Peirce’s Thought: The Function of Continuity and Complementarity in the Theory of Abstraction,” 1977

Kevin Cedeno, “Embodiment and Organicism in the Moral and Political Philosophy of Anna Julia Cooper,” 2023

Ray Chan, Hausman, 1996 Summer

Jiaying Chen“Name, Meaning and Meaningfulness,” Lingis, 1991 Summer

Evgenia Cherkasova, Grosholz, 1999 Summer

Kathleen Elizabeth Christensen“Geography and Space: An Epistemological Dilemma and Resolution,” 1979

Kathleen Elizabeth Christensen“Geography as Human Science: A Philosophical Critique,” 1981

Rose Christopherson“The Categories of Logic and Experience in Kant and Peirce,” 1978

David Ciavatta“Hegel and the Phenomenology of the Family,” Russon, 2003 Summer

Kevin Michael Clark“Totality, Interpretation and Dialectic: On the Normative Foundations of Critical Marxist Social Theory,” 1980

Orville V. Clark, “Aesthetics and the Failure of Art,” 1968

Jerome Clarke, “Digital Colorline: Race, Machine Learning, and the Critique of Technology,” 2023

William J. Coe“Metaphilosophy and Absolute Presuppositions,” 1967

Dorothy P. Coleman“Hume’s Philosophy of Imagination,” 1983

Robert Colucci“The Meaning of History in the Thought of Nietzsche,” 1971

Geoffrey L. Conrad

Francis P. Jr. Coolidge“Philosophy, Deification, and the Problem of Human Fulfillment,” 1988

John E. Coraor“The Performative Aspects of Viewing Art: An Existential Grounding of Art in Foundational Education,” 1985

Peter Costello, Russon, 2002 Spring

Robert G. Cox“A Phenomenological Study of the Transcendental Constitution of the Spatiality of Physical Objects,” 1976

David R. Crawford“The Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd with Special Emphasis on the Philosophy of History,” 1961

Raymond H. Cromie, Jr.“Art Provides Windows Into the Supersensible,” 1985

Nancy Jay Crumbine“The Same River Twice: A Critique of the Place of Eros in the Philosophy of Kierkegaard,” 1972

Norman Brian Cubbage“Husselr Viator Metaphysical Reflection on Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenolgy,” Lee/Anderson, 2002 Summer

Marlene Lila Cushman“Heidegger and the Limits of Theology,” 1986

Michael E. Davidovits“On Ethical Dualism: Defending the Bad Infinite,” Flay, 1993 Summer

Duane H. Davis“The Development of Subjectivity and the Communion of Language: From Merleau-Ponty to Schrag,” Kockelmans, 1992

John Barnabas Davis“The Hermeneutics of Baconian Tradition: A Study of Barfield’s Poetical Semantic,” 1973

Michael Peter Davis“The Duality of Soul in Plato’s Philebus,” 1974

Andre’ de Avillez“Fragmentary Images, Fragmentary Selves: Reframing the Photographic Portrait as a Frühromantik Fragment,” Lawlor, 2016 Fall

Michael Deere, Schmidt/Scott, 2007 Spring

Scott Michael DeHart“Definition in Aristotle,” 1986

Joseph P. DeMarco“The Nature and Function of the Concept of Community in the Early and Later Thought of C.S. Peirce,” 1969

William James Desmond“The World as Image and Original,” 1978

Brian G. Domino“Nietzsche’s Republicanism,” Rosen, 1993 Summer

Robert Joseph Dostal“Transcendental Subjectivity and the Unity of Reason According to Immanuel Kant’s Critique of Judgment,” 1977

Ryan Drake, Sallis, 2005 Spring

Deniz Durmus, Sullivan, 2015 Summer

Rebecca Duval, Jacquette, 1995 Spring

Sara (Juliana) Eimer, Schmidt, 2010 Fall

Charles M. Ess“Analogy in the Critical Works: Kant’s Transcendental Philosophy as Analectical Thought,” 1983

Dale Wilt Evans“Plato’s Minos, Hipparchus, Theages, and Lovers: A Philosophical Interpretation,” 1976

Eyo Ewara, “The World’s Ends: Standpoint, Comportment, and Ethics in Wilderson, Edelman, and Heidegger,” 2019

James E. Faulconer“Collectivity, Individuality and Community,” 1977

Richard E. Feigel“Liberalism and Ideology,” 1984

Alex Feldman“Foucault and the Problem of History: Critique of the Concept of Historicization,” Lawlor, 2017 Spring

Marc R. Fellenz“The Animal and the Good: Toward Alternatives to Ethical Extensionism in the Analysis of Animals and Their Moral Standing,” Mitcham/Sullivan, 2001 Summer

Linda J. Fisher“Circularity and Philosophical Reflection: A Methodological Investigation Into Hermeneutics, Gadamer, and Kant,” Vaught, 1991 Summer

Bruce Vernon Foltz“Heidegger, Environmental Ethics, and the Metaphysics of Nature; Inhabiting the Earth in a Technological Age,” 1985

Russell Ford“The Persistence of Expression: Deleuze and the Problem of Consciousness,” Scott, 2001 Spring

Terry H. Foreman“Martin Heidegger and the Quest for the Meaning of Language,” 1968

Robert L. Frodeman

Anne-Marie Frosolono“Narratin Plato’s Symposium: A Critique of Socratic Discipleship,” 1993

Jo-Ann Fuchs“The Philosophy of Language of Maurice Merleau-Ponty,” 1968

Wolfgang Walter Fuchs“Phenomenology and the Metaphysics of Presence: An Essay in the Philosophy of Edmund Husserl,” 1971

Alessandra Fussi, Rosen, 1997 Fall

Paul D. Gallagher“The Origins of Nietzsche’s Artistic Metaphysics: An Approach to The Birth of Tragedy,” Rosen, 1991 Fall

Steven L. Gans“An Analysis of the Philosophical Methodology of Martin Heidegger,” 1967

Stephen Lewis Gardner“The Ethical Component in Hegel’s Concept of Knowledge and Truth,” 1985

Richard T. Garner“John Dewey and the Esthetic Experience,” 1960

Mercer Gary, “The Limitations of Care: Making Feminist Sense of Technology Relations,” 2022

Rosalyn H. Gates“The Cognitive Effects of Causal Explicitness in Text on Quality of Written Explanations and Transfer Performance,” 1991

Samuel Gault“Dialectic of Institution: Merleau-Ponty’s Overcoming of the Antinomy of Freedom and Necessity,” Lawlor, 2018 Summer

Homer Edward Gauntt“The Cognitive Significance of the Mystical Experience (An Analysis),” 1944

Roddy Francis Gerraughty, “The Role and Treatment of Poetry in Plato’s Republic Volume I,” 1974

Roddy Francis Gerraughty“The Role and Treatment of Poetry in Plato’s Republic Volume II,” 1974

Peter Giannopoulos, “Identity, Fecundity, Substitution: Developing Justice Through Levinas’ Ethics,” Bernasconi, 2017 Summer

Bruce Gilbert, Russon, 2002 Fall

Kimberly Ann Gillespie, “The Decisions of Therapeutic Recreation Professionals in Ethical Situations,” 1987

Alastair Goff, Grosholz, 2013 Summer

Ioana Gogeanu“The Being-True of Myth: A Hermeneutic Approach to the Sacred,” 1997

Avery Goldman, Sallis, 2001 Spring

Edward Calvin Golumbic“Plato or Justice,” 1961

Joseph P. Gonda“Politike Techne in Protagoras (2 volumes),” 1975

Karen Gover, Sallis, 2005 Spring

Kyle Grady, Schmidt, 2008 Summer

Richard Conway Gram, Jr.“The Nature of Dialogue: Identity and Difference in Hegel and Heidegger,” 1979

Elizabeth Grimbergen“Imagination: The Alchemy of Thought,” 1983

Erika Grimm, “Linguistic Rupture, Racialization, and Resistance in Latina/x Feminisms: A Critical Phenomenological Approach,” 2023

Charles Lanier Griswold, Jr.“Self-Knowledge in Plato’s Phaedrus,” 1978

Leonard M. Grob“The Renewal of Philosophy: A Study of the Thought of Sartre and Levinas,” 1975

Peter S. Groff“Nietzsche’s Naturalism: On the “De-deification” of Nature and the “Naturalization” of the Human Being,” Conway, 2000 Summer

John H. Hahnfeld“Paul Tillich and the Significance of Human Existence,” 1971

Judith A. Halden“Surveying ‘The Topology of Being’: A Heideggerian Interpretation of Charles Olson’s Poetics,” 1984

Wendy Hamblet, Scott, 2000 Fall

Louis J. Hammann“Mythology and Existential Knowledge: A Critical Examination of the Program and Philosophy of Rudolph Bultmann,” 1964

Thomas C. Hammond

John Hanold, Grosholz, 1999 Spring

Kimberly Harris, “Hegel’s Dialectic and Africana Philosophy: Du Bois, Fanon, and James,” Bernasconi, 2018 Summer

Joan Harrison“Plato’s Theaetetus: The Suppression of Dynamis and the Problem of Knowledge,” 1977

William Harwood, Foti, 2011 Spring

Aminah Hasan, “Metaphysics, War and the Critique of the Conatus Essendi in Emanuel Levinas,” Bernasconi, 2016 Summer

Todd Jacob Hawbaker, “Which One Way: Wittgensteein on Meaning, Normative Language, and Grammar,” 1995

Paul J. Healy, “Philosophical Truth and Its Relation to Empirical Science,” 1984

Michael R. Heim“A Postmodern Theory of the Humanities: Ontological Discourse in Aristotle and Heidegger,” 1979

Gregory Heiser, Vaught/Scott, 1998 Summer

Scott R. Hemmenway“Platonic Myth and the Archeology of the Polis,” 1989

Gary Bruce Herbert“Human Nature and the Dialectic of Desire in the Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes,” 1972

Martha S. Hertzberg“Plato’s “Theaetetus” and the Problem of Knowledge,” 1960

Thomas Hilde, Stuhr, 2001 Fall

Keith Hoeller“Thinking and Poetizing in Heidegger’s Turning,” 1982

Webster E. Hood“The Problem of the Multiplicity of Philosophic Systems,” 1961

Webster F. Hood“A Heideggerian Approach to the Problem of Technology,” 1968

Clyde L. Hopkins, Jr.“A Discussion of Some Consequences of Contemporary Mathematics for Philosophy: A Historical Approach,” 1976

John Thomas Howald“Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Hypothesis of the Future,” 1968

Jacob Alan Howland, “Philosophy and Politics in the Philosophic Trial of Socrates,” 1987

Craig A. Irvine“Hegel’s Master Storytelling,” Vaught, 1994 Spring

Masato Ishida, Colapietro, 2008 Summer

Kirsten Jacobson, Christman/Russon, 2006 Fall

Robert A. Jacques“Political Metaphysics and the World Imperialism of Friederich Nietzsche,” 1990

Chernor Maarjou Jalloh“Fichte’s Kant-Interpretation and Critique and The Grundlage of 1794,” 1984

Stephanie Jenkins, Sullivan, 2012 Summer

David Johnson, Schmidt, 2013 Summer

Ethel Irene Johnson“William James and Religious Philosophy,” 1960

Leigh Johnson, Sullivan, 2007 Summer

Frederick Beresford Jones“Plato’s Contributions to Legal Philosophy,” 1974

Peter Kalkavage“Politics and Cosmology in Plato’s Timaeus,” 1983

Axelle KareraRe-Theorizing Fanon through Derrida, Deleuze, and Mbembe,” Bernasconi, 2015 Fall

David Karnos“Towards a Phenomenology of the Magical,” 1976

Marilyn Sterner Keat“Moral Education: Toward New Foundations in the Hermeneutic Systhesis of Aristotle and Kant,” 1990

Susan Elizabeth Kinz“Love on Trial: Persuasion, Politics, and Plato,” Price, 1998 Spring

Kristopher Klotz, “Reasonable Agonism: Justification and Dissent in Liberal Democracies,” 2019

Barbara A. Kopystecki“Nietzsche’s Conception of Philosophy,” 1980

Maida S. Johnston Kostakis“A Hermeneutic Account of the Biographical Attitude in Art Education: Toward a Meaningful Experience for Children with American Paintings,” 1985

John Jr. Kozy“Rational Realism: A Philosophy of Common Sense,” 1963

Aaron Krempa“Plato’s Prayer: Toward a Spiritual Reading of the Republic,” Lawlor, 2017 Fall

John Michael Krois“Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy of Symbolic Forms and the Problem of Value,” 1975

Robert W. Kunze“The Origin of the Self: A Presentation of the Philosophy of Levinas from the Standpoint of His Criticism of Heidegger,” 1974

Joshua Kurdys, Schmidt, 2011 Summer

Thomas George Kyle“Edmund Husserl’s Conception of Evidence,” 1969

David R. Lachterman“Mathematics, Method and Metaphysics: Essays Towards A Genealogy of Modern Thought,” 1984

Mérédith Laferté-Coutu, “The Missed Encounter Between Husserl and Levinas: On the Possibility of Ethics,” 2022

Christopher Lauer, Schmidt/Scott, 2007 Spring

Michael P. T. Leahy“Kant and the Aesthetic of Judgment,” 1963

Joo Heung Lee“Bataille’s Moral Summit: The Communication Between Lacerated Beings,” Lingis 1999 Spring

Sara Leland, “Nietzschean Transformations Against the Grain of Race-Related Problems,” Sullivan, 2008 Summer

Rawb Leon-Carlyle, “Moral Invention: Innovation, Imitation, and the Intellect in Bergson’s Two Sources of Morality and Religion,” 2022 Summer.

Renee Levant (Schroff), Vaught, 2004 Fall

Julia Levin, Sullivan, 2008 Spring

David Lawrence Levine“Plato’s Charmides: On The Political and Philosophical Significance of Ignorance,” 1975

William Lewis, Stuhr, 2001 Fall

Robert Arthur Licht“The Teachings of Nature and Soul in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics,” 1975

Richard John Loss“The Problem of Moral Knowledge in Locke’s Essay,” 1962

Bryan Lueck, Schmidt/Scott 2007, Spring

Gerald George Lundgren“Justice and the Social Contract: An Interpretation and the Reconstruction of the Concept of Justice in John Locke’s Political Philosophy,” 1976

Carl E. Luty“Phenomenology and Cosmology: The Discordant Harmony of Plato’s Philebus,” 1974

Brian Mackintosh, Russon/Scott, 2001 Spring

Kym Maclaren, Colapietro/Russon, 2004 Fall

Cynthia Marrero-Ramos, “From the Spatiality of Oppression and Resistance to the Decoloniality of Space,” 2023

Brian John Martine“Individuals and Individuality,” 1979

Heidi Marx, Vaught, 1999 Summer

George W. Matthews“The Return of the Repressed: Reflection, The Subject and the Absolute Idea in Hegel’s Science of Logic,” Flay, 1996 Summer

Todd G. May“Psychology, Knowledge, Politics: The Epistemic Grounds of Michel Foucault’s Geneology of Psychology,” 1989

John Derrickson McCurdy“Imaginal Perception,” 1970

Richard R. McDonough“William James’ Conception of Individual Creativity,” 1958

Joseph P. McGinn“Toward a Metaphysics of Community,” Vaught 1998 Summer

Shaeeda Mensah, “Hidden in Plain Sight: A Philosophical Examination of the Invisibility of Black Women in Analyses of State Violence,” 2018

Richard Mester

Robert Metcalf, Sallis, 2000 Spring

Dennis L. Metrick“The Problem of Being in Royce,” 1968

Joshua Miller, Christman, 2010 Summer

David Mills, Hausman/Anderson, 2000 Spring

Aaron L. Mishara“Phenomenolgy and the Unconscious–The Problem of the Unconscious in the Phenomenological and Existential Traditions: E. Husserl, V. Von Weizsaecker and L. Binswanger,” 1989

Christina Shaheen Moosa, “Care and Responsibility in a Global Context,” Christman, 2016 Spring

James S. Morgan“Hegel’s Concept of Will,” 1977

James C. Morrison“The Problem of the Self and Personal Identity in David Hume,” 1962

James C. Morrison“Meaning and Truth in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus,” 1964

Henry D. Moss“Secular Origins of Ionian Philosophy and Science: Intellectual Traditions of the Ancient Trade Nations,” 1979

Anthony Patrick Mull“Poetic Intuition and Its Relation to Art and Philosophy According to Jacques Maritain,” 1966

John Justo Murungi“Two Views of History A Study of the Relation of European and African Culture,” 1970

John Nale, Bernasconi, 2011 Summer

Kaitlin Newman“Ethics in the Aftermath: Rethinking Post-Genocide Representations and Remembrance with Lyotard and Levinas,” Lawlor, 2020 Spring

Lauren Nuckols, “On Beauty and Ambivalence: The Complexity of Aesthetic Experience,” Colapietro/Christman 2017 Fall

Nathalie Nya, Gines, 2014 Summer

Edward O’Byrn, “Black Existential Transformative Power: The Dialectic of Alienation and Enfranchisement in Angela Davis, Frederick Douglass, and Ida B. Wells,” 2019

David O’Hara, Anderson, 2005 Summer

Ronke’ Oke, “Completing the Uncompleted Argument: An Existentialist Response to Appiah’s Reading of Du Bois,” Bernasconi, 2015 Fall

Cameron O’Mara“Feminist Reflections on the Nature/Culture Distinction in Merleau-Pontean Philosophy,” Lawlor 2013 Summer

Romy Opperman, “Race, Ecology, Freedom: Climate Justice and Environmental Racism,” 2020

Leonard W. Ortmann“Art and Science: Nietzsche’s Image of a Socrates Who Practices Music,” 1990

Herbert Roderick Otto“Method and Philosophic Method,” 1959

Carl Robert Page“Radical Histoirism: A Study on the Contemporary Betrayal of Philosophy,” 1987

Barbara C. Panzl“Art and the Horizon of the Opaque,” 1967

Nenos A. Papageorgopoulos“The Language of Tragedy: An Essay on the Tragic Form by Means of a Critical Analysis of Susanne K. Langer’s Theory of Expression,” 1973

William Paris, “The Value of Invention: On the Ungendering of Black Life in Frantz Fanon, Sylvia Wynter, and Hortense Spillers,” Bernasconi/Tuana, 2018 Summer

John M. Patishnock

Patricia Patton“Whitehead and Aesthetic Experience,” 1961

James O. Pawelski“Perception, Cognition, and Volition: The Radical and Integrated Individualism of William James,” Vaught/Anderson, 1997 Summer

Frank Perkins, Grosholz, 2000 Spring

John Peterman“John Dewey in the Realm of Ideas,” 1980

Eileen Bagus Petrick“Heidegger on Nihilism and the Finitude of Philosophy,” 1973

Joseph A. Petrick“Peirce on Hegel,” 1972

Carolyn Joan S. Picart“[Re](Con)Firgure-ing the “Feminine”: Politico-Aesthetics, Myth and Gender in Nietzsche,” Harvey, 1996 Summer

John Pickles“Phenomenology, Science and Geography: Towards a Hermeneutic Ontology of Spatiality for the Human Studies,” 1983

Henry Piper, Vaught/Scott, 2001 Summer

Robert Buford Pippin“Kant and the Problem of Transcendental Philosophy: Unity and Form in the “Critique of Pure Reason,” 1974

Edward Ingalls Pitts“Hegel’s Educational Philosophy,” 1975

Francesco Poggiani, “The Normative Sources of Practical Identity: A Peircean Approach to the Contemporary Debate,” Colapietro, 2016 Fall

Ryan Pollock, Grosholz, 2015 Spring

Tano Posteraro“The Virtual and the Vital: Bergson’s Philosophy of Biology,” Lawlor, 2019 Spring

Connie Barnett Crank Price“Consciousness and History in Bergson’s Philosophy,” 1972

Jeffrey Thomas Price“Language and Being in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations,” 1969

John Lawrence Protevi“Et Nova est Inventio Forum: The Grounding of Metaphor in Augustine’s Meditation on Time,” 1986

Ashley Pryor, Scott, 2001 Spring

Benjamin S. Pryor“Instrumental and Dream-like”: Psychoanalysis, Critique, and Focault’s Positive Unconscious,” Scott, 1999 Spring

Benjamin Randolph, “Adorno’s Secularization of Hope,” 2023

John W. Rapchak“The Political Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau,” 1961

John Wallace Rapchak, “The Origins of the Philosophy of History,” 1967

Joshua Rayman, Scott, 2002 Fall

Gregory Recco, Russon, 2002 Spring

Jeffrey Howard Reiman“Time and the Epoch of Husserl,” 1968

Patricia Ann Rensma“Eros and Wholeness in the Thought of Spinoza and Hegel,” 1970

Robert Rethy“An Introduction to the Problem of Affirmation in Nietzsche’s Thought,” 1980

Lori Berger Richard“Considerations On The Need For Philosophical Reflections With Respect to Empirical Psychology,” 1982

Omar Rivera, Schmidt/Sallis, 2007 Spring

William Roberts, Conway, 2005 Spring

Ursula Roessiger, “A Metaphysics of Faith and Reason: Mystical and Trinitarian Elements in Hegel’s Philosophy of Religion,” Bernasconi, 2017 Fall

David L. Roochnik“Techne and Praxis in the Platonic Dialogues,” 1981

Abigail L. Rosenthal“Hegel’s Humanism,” 1968

Joy Ross, Kockelmans, 1994 Summer

Camisha Russell, Bernasconi, 2013 Summer

Haley David Sanchez“Faculty Psychology and Analysis of Self-Consciousness in the Theoretical and Aesthetical Philosophy of Kant,” 1974

Eric Sanday, Sallis, 2003 Spring

Eric Clark Sandberg“The Presuppositions of Transcendental Freedom in Kant,” 1979

Michael Anthony Santulli“The Character of the Natural: A Study of John Dewey’s Philosophy of Science,” 1970

Brigitte Sassen“On the Nature and Scope of Creativity: A Kantian Approach,” Kockelmans, 1991 Spring

Gregory L. Schalliol“Plato’s Protagoras: Excellence and the City,” 1987

Jorgen E. Schleer“The Realism of Charles Sanders Peirce,” 1963

Michael Schleeter, Schmidt, 2011 Spring

Alexa Schriempf, “Material Witnesses: A Feminist Disability Theory of Testimonial Voices,” Sullivan, 2010 Spring

William Roger Schultz“The Unity of Culture in Ernst Cassirer’s Philosophy,” 1980

David Seltzer, Grosholz, 2011 Summer

K. Helen Seubert“The Problem of Vision in Heidegger and Ancient Hindu Thought,” 1974

Victoria A. Shanower“Kant’s Antinomies of Reason: Their Origin and Their Resolution,” 1979

Hasana Sharp, Conway, 2005 Summer

Melanie Shepherd, Schmidt, 2007 Fall

James Francis Jr. Sheridan“The Problem of Objective Empirical Knowledge In Kant: An Analysis of the Transcendental Deduction,” 1954

Jameliah Shorter, 2015

Daniel Smith, “The Concept of Evil in Kant and Schelling,” Bernasconi, 2018 Summer

Shawn Smith, Lingis, 1996 Fall

Patrick Michael Socoski“A Collection of Some NotionsToward Infinity, With An Assessment of Their Participatory Nature,” 1980

Kory Sorrell, Colapietro, 2000 Summer

David A. Sprintzen“Revolt, Dialogue and Community: A Study in the Thought of Albert Camus,” 1968

Janice M. Staab“Agape: Peirce’s Abduction Concerning the Growth of Intelligibility,” Hausman, 1993 Fall

George J. Stack“The Problem of Freedom in the Ethics of Berdyaev,” 1962

George J. Stack“Berkeley’s Theory of Perception,” 1964

Timothy J. Stapleton“Husserl and Heidegger: The Question of a Phenomenological Beginning,” 1978

Alexander Stehn, Sullivan, 2010 Summer

Melodie Stenger, “Aristotle’s Imagination and the Birth of Nameless Things,” Sentesy, 2016 Spring

Lindsey Stewart, “The Politics of Joy: Zora Neale Hurston, Spirit Work, and Black Liberation Politics,” Colapietro, 2016 Spring

Donald George Stoll“Speech, Silence and Philosophy,” 1985

Scott Randall Stripling“The Picture Theory of Meaning: An Interpretation of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus,” 1975

Cory Russon Styranko 

Noriyuki Sugiura“Rhetoric and Geographer’s Worlds: The Case of Spatial Analysis in Human Geography,” 1983

Jere Paul Surber, “Language, Time and System: An Examination of Hegel’s Conception of Language,” 1974

Toby Svoboda, Christman, 2012 Summer

Jared Swanson, Christman, 2013 Spring

Robert Switzer“Focusing: The Groundwork of Affectivity,” 1989

Franklin S. Takei“Existence and the New Being: A Study of Paul Tillich’s Theological System,” 1966

Maria Talero, Sallis, 2002 Fall

David Dwight Thayer“Holiness, Piety and Philosophy: A Study of Plato’s Euthyphro,” 1982

Bailey Thomas, “Knowing While Black: Insidious Ignorance and Oppositional Knowledge,” 2021

Quintin Todd“James, Whitehead, and Radical Empiricism,” 1969

Cynthia M. Tompkins“The Spiral Quest in Selected Inter-American Female Fictions: Gabrielle Roy’s La Route D’Altamont, Marta Lynch’s La Senora Ordonez, Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying, Margaret Atwood’s Surfacing, and Claire Lispector’s Aqua Viva,” 1989

Robert R. Tompkins“An Analysis of Inference Necessary for a Complete Classical Elementary Number Theory,” 1965

Lara Trout, Anderson, 2005 Summer

Tiffany Tsantsoulas, “Embodied Orientations and Decolonial Praxis of Resistance,” 2020

Kenneth Y. Turnbull“Plato’s Theaetetus: Measuring the Soul,” Rosen, 1995 Fall

Patricia A. Turrissi

Desiree Valentine, “Conceptions of Mixed Race and the Politics of Temporality,” Bernasconi/Tuana, 2018 Summer

Ada Louise Van Gastel“Adriaen van der Donck, New Netherland, and America,” 1985

Robert Van Roden Allen“The Political Common Place: The Convertibility of True and Made in Vico and Rosseau,” 1983

Emma Velez, “The Colonial Contract and the Coloniality of Gender: A Decolonial Feminist Approach to Re-thinking the Self, Epistemology, and the Ethicopolitical,” 2020

Richard L. Velkley“Kant As Philosopher of Theodicy,” 1978

Michael Ventimiglia, Hausman/Anderson, 2001 Fall

Joseph P. Vincenzo

Hua Wang, Schmidt/Scott, 2006 Summer

Roger Ward“An American Theism: Edwards, Peirce, Dewey, and the Philosophy of Return,” Vaught, 1996 Fall

Rebecca Wayland, Conway, 2003 Fall

Nicholas Webb“The Notion of Autonomy as Integral to the Idea of a Work of Art,” 1981

Eric L. Weislogel“The Fall of Judgment,” Flay, 1995 Fall

Cyril Welch“A Phenomenological Analysis of the Occurrence of Meaning in Existence,” 1964

Amy Wendling, Conway, 2006 Spring

Alan Edmunds White“The End of Philosophy: A Study of Hegell and Schelling,” 1980

Gary Lee Whited“The Identity of Style and Content in Parmenides’ Poem,” 1973

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