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Gary Calore

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Gary Calore

Gary Calore

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Abington Campus
(215) 881-7548

Professional Bio

Areas of Specialization

  • American philosophy
  • Ethics
  • History of philosophy

Recent Courses

  • Philosophy 103 & 103W
  • Philosophy 012
  • Philosophy 100
  • Philosophy 109

Recent Publications

  • "Evolutionary Covenants: Wildlife, Domestication, And Animal Rights," In P.N Cohn, ed. Ethics in Wildlife (Mellen Press, 1999) pp. 219-263.
  • "Reclaiming Metaphysics for the Present," in Philosophy in Experience: American Philosophy in Transition, Richard E. Hart and Douglas R. Anderson, eds. (Bronx NY: Fordham University Press, 1997), pp. 241-258.