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David Macauley

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David Macauley

David Macauley

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies
Brandywine Campus
(610) 892-1424


B.A., College of William and Mary (Philosophy and Government)
M.A., Stony Brook University
Ph.D., Stony Brook University
Postgraduate Study, Universität Tübingen (Germany)

Professional Bio

Areas of Specialization

  • Environmental Ethics and Environmental Philosophy
  • Continental Philosophy
  • Political Theory
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy of Technology

Recent Courses

  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Symbolic Logic
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Technology
  • American Environmentalism (American Studies)
  • Basic Problems of Philosophy

Recent Publications

  • Walking the Earth: Philosophical Foot Notes (Bloomington, IN: Univ. of Indiana Press, forthcoming, 2005).
  • Bewildering Order: Earth, Water, Air and Fire as Elemental Philosophy and Environmental Ideas (Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, forthcoming, 2004).
  • Editor, Minding Nature: The Philosophers of Ecology (NY: Guilford Press).
  • “Walking the Urban Environment” in Gary Backhaus and John Murungi, eds. Transformations of Urban and Suburban Landscapes (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield).
  • “Be-wildering Order: On Finding a Home for Domestication and the Domesticated Other” in The Ecological Community: Environmental Challenges for Philosophy, Politics and Morality, ed. Roger Gottlieb (NY: Routledge,).
  • “Walking the Elemental Earth: Phenomenological and Literary Foot Notes,” Annalecta Husserliana, Vol. 71.
  • “On Critical Theory and Nature,” Capitalism, Nature, Socialism, Vol. 9, No. 3.
  • “Evolution and Revolution: The Ecological Anarchism of Bookchin and Kropotkin" in Social Ecology After Bookchin, ed. Andrew Light (NY: Guilford Publications).
  • "Hannah Arendt and the Politics of Place" in Minding Nature, ed. David Macauley (NY: Guilford Publications).
  • "Walking the City," Capitalism, Nature Socialism: A Journal of Ecology, Vol. 11, No. 4.
  • Review of Edward Casey, The Fate of Place and Getting Back into Place in Environmental Ethics, Vol. 22.
  • "Greening Philosophy and Democratizing Ecology" in Minding Nature: The Philosophers of Ecology, ed. David Macauley (New York: Guilford Press).
  • "A Few Foot Notes on Walking," The Trumpeter: Journal of Ecosophy (Vol. 10:1). "Out of Place and Outer Space: Hannah Arendt on Earth Alienation," Capitalism, Nature, Socialism (Vol. 3:4).
  • "Echoes to Eco-feminism," APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy (Vol. 92).
  • "On Women, Animals and Nature," APA Newsletter on Feminism & Philosophy(Vol. 90:3).
  • "Political Animals" Between The Species: A Journal of Ethics, III, 2 to IV, 2, serialized in 5 parts.
  • "The Animal Rights Movement: Pythagoras' Heirs or the New Luddites of the Left?," William and Mary Magazine.
  • Interview with Jeremy Rifkin on biotechnology in The Animals' Agenda.
  • Interview with Peter Singer on animal ethics in The Animals' Agenda.
  • Poetry in The William and Mary Review, Carver, and Left Curve.

Current Projects

  • Interdisciplinary book on walking (human motility) as it relates to philosophy, the environment, politics, the body and aesthetics.
  • Biomimicry and the technological imitation of natural processes.
  • Nietzsche's conception of the body
  • Continental Philosophy and the Environment. edited collection (with Melissa Clarke) on the environment and nature within the tradition of Continental Philosophy from Kant to Derrida.