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Amy Allen

Amy Allen

Department Head

Liberal Arts Professor of Philosophy and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

240 Sparks Building
Office Phone: (814) 863-3531


  1. PhD, Philosophy, Northwestern University, 1996
  2. MA, Philosophy, Northwestern University, 1994
  3. BA, Philosophy, Miami University (OH), 1992


Areas of Specialization

  • 20th century Continental Philosophy
  • Critical Social Theory (esp. Frankfurt School)
  • Feminist Theory
  • Social and Political Theory

Recent Publications

“Emancipation without Utopia:  Subjection, Modernity, and the Normative Claims of Feminist Critical Theory,” Hypatia 30: 3 (Summer 2015).

“Domination in Global Politics:  A Four-Dimensional View,” Domination and Global Political Justice:  Conceptual, Historical, and Institutional Perspectives, ed. Barbara Buckinx, Jonathan Trejo-Mathys, and Timothy Waligore  (New York:  Routledge, 2015). 

Philosophy at/of the Limit, ed. Amy Allen and Anthony Steinbock, special issue of the Journal of Speculative Philosophy (SPEP Supplement) 28: 3 (2014).

“Normativity, Power, and Gender:  Reply to Critics,” Critical Horizons 15: 1 (March 2014): 52-68.

“Reason, Power and History:  Re-reading the Dialectic of Enlightenment,” Thesis Eleven 120: 1 (February 2014):  10-25.

“Paradoxes of Development:  Rethinking the Right to Development,” Poverty, Agency, and Human Rights, ed. Diana Tietjens Meyers (New York:  Oxford University Press, 2014). 

 “The Power of Justification,” in Rainer Forst, Justice, Democracy and the Right to Justification:  Rainer Forst in Dialogue (London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2014). 

From Phenomenology through Ontology, ed. Amy Allen and Anthony Steinbock, special issue of the Journal of Speculative Philosophy (SPEP Supplement) 27: 3 (2013).

“Feminism, Foucault, and the Critique of Reason:  Re-reading the History of Madness,Foucault Studies 16 (September 2013):  15-31.

“Feminism, Modernity and Critical Theory,” International Critical Thought 3: 3 (September 2013):  268- 281. 

“Having One’s Cake and Eating It, Too:  Habermas’s Genealogy of Post-Secular Reason,” in Habermas and Religion, ed. Eduardo Mendieta, Craig Calhoun, and Jonathan VanAntwerpen, (London: Polity Press, 2013).

“Power and the Subject,” in A Companion to Foucault, ed. Chris Falzon, Timothy O’Leary, and Jana Sawicki (London: Blackwell Press, 2013).

Forthcoming Publications

The End of Progress:  Decolonizing the Normative Foundations of Critical Theory (forthcoming with Columbia University Press; anticipated publication date, January 2016).

The Historical A Priori in Husserl and Foucault, ed. Smaranda Aldea and Amy Allen, special issue of Continental Philosophy Review (forthcoming 2016).

Legacies of Critique, ed. Amy Allen and Brian Schroeder, special issue of the Journal of Speculative Philosophy (SPEP Supplement) 29: 3 (forthcoming 2015).  

“Progress, Philosophical and Otherwise,” Journal of Speculative Philosophy (SPEP Supplement) 28: 3 (forthcoming 2015).

 “Are We Driven?  Critical Theory and Psychoanalysis Reconsidered,” Critical Horizons (forthcoming 2015).

“Philosophies of Immanence and Transcendence:  Reading the History of Madness with Derrida and Habermas,” forthcoming in Foucault/Derrida: Fifty Years On, ed. Olivia Custer, Penelope Deutscher, and Samir Haddad (New York:  Columbia University Press).

“The History of Historicity:  The Critique of Reason in Foucault (and Derrida),” forthcoming in Between Foucault and Derrida, ed. Yubraj Aryal, Vernon Cisney, and Nicolae Morar (Edinburgh:  Edinburgh University Press).

Current Projects

I’m currently working on a book on psychoanalysis and critical theory.  

Research Interests

  • Continental Philosophy
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Feminist Philosophy