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Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Classics

Director of Undergraduate Studies

240E Sparks Building
University Park , PA 16802
Office Phone: (814) 863-5514


  1. A.B., Dartmouth College (Hanover, NH), 2002
  2. Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), 2008



My leading academic interest concerns the nature and meaning of philosophia in its first centuries of practice: its disciplinary formation, its connection to self-knowledge, and especially the effect of Socrates' idiosyncratic activity on its self-understanding.

Areas of Specialization

  • Ancient Greek philosophy and intellectual history

My focal authors include Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Aristophanes, Socrates, minor Socratics, Plato, Xenophon, Isocrates, and Aristotle.

I have further interests in the first-generation Academics and first-generation Peripatetics.

  • Self-knowledge and practical rationality
  • I also care about philosophy of literature/drama and about democratic theory

Recent Courses

  • Socrates through the history of philosophy (a graduate seminar)
  • Ancient philosophy (a yearly intermediate undergraduate course)
  • Introduction to epistemology
  • Philosophy of education
  • Greek language and literature 

Recent Publications


  • Socrates and self-knowledge (Cambridge, 2015), pp. xvii + 275 [link]
  • Socrates and the Socratic dialogue, with A. Stavru, edd. (Brill, 2018), pp. ix + 931 [link]

New and forthcoming articles

  • "Heracles the philosopher (Herodorus fr. 14)," Classical Quarterly (2017)
  • "Narrative constitution of friendship," with S. Frederick, Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review (2017)
  • "Heraclitus and self-knowledge," Ancient Philosophy (2017)
  • "Plato and images of oneself," in Plato and the Power of Images (Brill, 2017)
  • "Xenophon’s Socratic education in Memorabilia 4” in Socrates and the Socratic Dialogue (Brill, 2018)
  • "Xenophon, 'philosophy,' and Socrates" in Xenophon and Plato: Comparative Studies (Brill, in press)

Articles from before this year

  • "Anaxagoras, Socrates, and the History of 'Philosophia,'" CHS Research Bulletin (2016) [link]
  • "'Philosophy' in Plato’s Phaedrus," Plato Journal 15 (2016) [link]
  • "Spartan philosophy and Sage wisdom in Plato’s Protagoras," Epoché 23 (2016)
  • "Promêtheia ('forethought') until Plato,” American Journal of Philology 136 (2015)
  • "Socrates and self-knowledge in Aristophanes' Clouds," Classical Quarterly 65 (2015)
  • "Socratic self-knowledge in Xenophon Memorabilia 4.2," Classical Journal 110 (2015)
  • "How to 'Know Thyself' in Plato's Phaedrus," Apeiron 47 (2014)
  • "Arguing about the immortality of the soul in the palinode of Plato's Phaedrus," Philosophy & Rhetoric 47 (2014)
  • "Pindar’s charioteer in Plato’s Phaedrus," Classical Quarterly 62 (2014)
  • "Socrates Psychagogos (Birds 1555, Phaedrus 261a7)," in Socratica III (2013)
  • "Chaerephon the Socratic," Phoenix 67 (2013)
  • "Deception and knowledge in the Phaedrus," Ancient Philosophy 33 (2013)
  • "Socrates and Clitophon in the Platonic Clitophon," Ancient Philosophy 32 (2012)
  • "Chaerephon, Telephus, and cure in Plato’s Gorgias," Arethusa 45 (2012)
  • "The myth of Theuth in the Phaedrus," in Plato and Myth (2012)
  • "Appearance and reality," in Continuum Companion to Plato (2012)
  • "Socratic persuasion in the Crito," British Journal of the History of Philosophy 19 (2011)
  • "Between persuasion and coercion in Plato's Republic," Newsletter of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (2007) [link]


  • Socratic persuasion (2008)

Current Projects

Books in progress

  • Plato: Charmides. Translation and introduction, with C. Raymond (Hackett, expected early 2018)
  • Calling philosophers names: on the origin of a discipline (TBA, in revision)
  • Brill's companion to the reception of Socrates, sole editor (Brill, in preparation)

Research in progress

  • Heraclitus and the origins of epistemology
  • An empire of philosophers of Alexander the Great
  • Critias of Athens