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Double Majors

It is possible to combine a major in Philosophy with a major in another discipline. Many students do this because they find that their studies in one area are substantially enriched by advanced studies in another area. Philosophy majors can be combined with any other majors, both within the College of Liberal Arts and without. Many students have joined their Philosophy studies with studies in Physics, Biology, English, History, Sociology, Architecture, Journalism, Health and Human Development, and so on.

The Concurrent Major Program: You can combine majors within the same BA degree or across two different degrees (BA and BS). In either case, you must decide which major will be your primary major and which other(s) will be your secondary, or "concurrent" major(s). Your choice of primary major will determine the General Education and College requirements that you need to take. The main factor distinguishing different combinations of degrees is whether they are all in the College of Liberal Arts or spread across the CLA and another College.

Two Majors within the College of Liberal Arts (BA and BA, or BA and BS)

The choice of primary ("current") major is important because you cannot use courses from that major to fulfill General Education and College of Liberal Arts requirements. The only exception to this rule is that Philosophy 007 (Asian Philosophy) can be used to fulfill the CLA "Other Cultures" requirement. You can use (doublecount) courses from your second ("concurrent") major to fulfill these requirements. To receive the second major, you need to ensure only that the specific courses required for that second major be completed within the total range of courses you are taking. Thus, for a double major in English and Philosophy, in which Philosophy is the secondary major, you would need to ensure that included among the courses you take to complete the requirements for your English degree there are the 30 credits required to complete a Philosophy major; these Philosophy courses could be used for General Education credits, Bachelor of Arts credits, electives, etc.

Two Majors in Different Colleges (BA and BS)

The primary difference between this option and the one above is that you must fulfill the College requirements for both degrees. The courses used to complete the secondary major may be used to complete requirements in the major, Gen Ed, and College areas of the primary degree. The General Education Requirements (including WAC) only have to be fulfilled once, in line with the primary major. Courses in the secondary major may not be used to fulfill the College requirements for that major. Thus, for example, if your primary major is in Engineering Science and your secondary major is philosophy, you may use philosophy classes to satisfy the Gen Ed Humanities requirement, but not to fulfill the College of Liberal Arts Humanities requirement. Again, Philosophy 007 is an exception: it may be used to satisfy the “Other Cultures” requirement.

To declare a concurrent major, you must meet with the advisor for that major, who will provide the appropriate forms that then will need the signature of the advisor for your primary major.