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Department Publications

Book Series

New Directions in Critical Theory, Columbia University Press 

Amy Allen, Editor

New Directions in Critical Theory presents outstanding classic and contemporary texts in the tradition of critical social theory, broadly construed. The series aims to renew and advance the program of critical social theory, with a particular focus on theorizing contemporary struggles around gender, race, sexuality, class, and globalization and their complex interconnections.

Series in Continental Thought, Ohio University Press

Ted Toadvine, Editor

 Now in its fourth decade, the Series in Continental Thought publishes philosophy and scholarship inspired by twentieth and twenty-first century European thought, especially phenomenology and post-structuralism. Featuring original works that extend the insights of continental theory in novel directions, the series encourages dialogue with other philosophical traditions and fields of research, including architecture, cognitive science, environmental studies, literary criticism, and psychoanalysis. The series also provides a forum for innovative interpretations of eminent thinkers within the tradition, such as Buber, Husserl, Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and Derrida, as well as translations of seminal texts. Published in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc., the series is committed to the development of continental philosophy and the work of emerging scholars.

Re-Reading the Canon

Nancy Tuana, General Editor

This series consists of edited collections of essays, some original and some previously published, offering feminist reinterpretations of the writings of major figures in the Western philosophical tradition. Devoted to the work of a single philosopher, each volume contains essays covering the full range of the philosopher’s thought and representing the diversity of approaches now being used by feminist critics. The editor of each volume provides an introduction and prepares an extensive bibliography in addition to selecting previously published essays and commissioning new contributions. All volumes are published simultaneously in clothbound and paperback editions.



Constellations:  An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory


Amy Allen, The Pennsylvania State University

Jean Cohen, Columbia University

Andreas Kalyvas, New School for Social Research

Constellations is an international peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing the best of contemporary critical and democratic theory.  Constellations fosters creative thinking in philosophy, politics, social theory, and law. Longstanding assumptions about critical theory – its methods, concepts and emancipatory aims– need to be rethought. The journal aims to help expand the global possibilities for radical politics and social criticism in the coming period.


Environmental Philosophy

Ted Toadvine, Editor-in-Chief, The Pennsylvania State University

William Edelglass, Co-Editor, Marlboro College

Lorraine Code, Book Review Editor, York University

 Environmental Philosophy features peer-reviewed articles, discussion papers, and book reviews for persons working and thinking within the broad field of “environmental philosophy.” It welcomes diverse philosophical approaches to environmental issues, including those inspired by the many schools of Continental philosophy, studies in the history of philosophy, Indigenous and non-Western philosophy, and the traditions of American and Anglo-American philosophy. The journal is published biannually in May and November issues. Environmental Philosophy is the official publication of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy and is co-sponsored by The Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State University. It is published and distributed by the Philosophy Documentation Center.


Chiasmi International: Trilingual Studies Concerning the Thought of Merleau-Ponty

Mauro Carbone, Co-Editor, Université “Jean-Moulin” Lyon 3

Galen A. Johnson, Co-Editor, University of Rhode Island

Federico Leoni, Co-Editor, Università degli Studi di Milano

Ted Toadvine, Co-Editor, The Pennsylvania State University, Email:

 Chiasmi International is a peer-reviewed annual that publishes essays on or inspired by the thought of the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty. Since 1999 it has published an important collection of original work on Merleau-Ponty that is truly international in scope. Each volume is focused on a particular theme or subject, with articles in English, French, or Italian. The editors welcome submissions in these languages. Chiasmi International is produced in collaboration with the Societa italiana di studi su Maurice Merleau-Ponty and is distributed by the Philosophy Documentation Center, Mimesis Edizioni, and Libraire Philosophique J. Vrin.