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Rawb Leon-Carlyle

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Rawb Leon-Carlyle

Rawb Leon-Carlyle


MA, Philosophy, Concordia University, 2016
BAH (First Class Honours), Contemporary Studies and Psychology with a Minor in Philosophy, University of King's College (Halifax), 2014

Professional Bio

Areas of Specialization

  • Ethics (esp. Kantian ethics and care ethics)
  • 19th/20th c. Continental Thought (esp. Bergson, Husserl, and Merleau-Ponty)

Areas of Competence

  • History of Philosophy (Aristotle, Descartes, Leibniz)
  • Philosophy of Nature (esp. animality and env. philosophy)
  • Philosophy of Science (esp. epistemology and metaphysics of science)

Other Research Interests

  • Feminist Theory (esp. ecofeminism and feminist critiques of science)
  • Philosophy of technology (new media, media ethics, and sustainability)
  • Philosophy of Religion (esp. Neoplatonism and Medieval Thought)

Recent Publications

  • "Love and the Shadow of Sacrifice: Husserl at the Limits of Relational Ethics" in Symposium (Special Issue on Phenomenological Ethics) (Forthcoming)
  • "'Wild Red': Synesthesia, Deuteranomaly, and Euclidean Color Space" in Chiasmi International 21, 2019.
Rawb Leon-Carlyle