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Mérédith Laferté-Coutu

Mérédith Laferté-Coutu




Mérédith Laferté-Coutu is a PhD candidate in Philosophy. Her main areas of research are phenomenology, French continental philosophy, ethics, and environmental philosophy. She has published papers in Levinas Studies and Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology and translated the book The Ethics of the Survivor by François-David Sebbah as well asletters by Maurice Merleau-Ponty, published in Chiasmi International.

Laferté-Coutu is currently writing her dissertation on the missed encounter between Husserlian and Levinasian ethics. Her other ongoing projects include research on concepts of ecology in Édouard Glissant, the importance of affect in Frantz Fanon, and the meaning of critique for phenomenology. She is also editorial assistant for Levinas Studies and the Springer Encyclopedia of Phenomenology.