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Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Assistant Teaching Professor in Philosophy


  1. Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Kentucky, 2019
  2. M.A. Philosophy, Boston College, 2013
  3. B.A. summa cum laude (Philosophy and Classical Civilizations), Temple University, 2011


My research is in ancient philosophy, and especially metaphysical and epistemological issues in Plato, the Presocratics, and Aristotle.  I defended a dissertation on Plato's Sophist at the University of Kentucky in 2019.  I am additionally interested in numerous subjects in philosophy, including medieval philosophy, German idealism, phenomenology, social and political philosophy, and logic.  I originally come from the Wawa region of Pennsylvania.

Areas of Specialization

  • Ancient Philosophy
  • History of Philosophy
  • Metaphysics 

Recent Publications

  • “Against the Existential Reading of Euthydemus 283e-284c, with Help from the Sophist,” Ancient Philosophy (forthcoming).
  • “The Case for the 399 BCE Dramatic Date of Plato’s Cratylus,” Classical Philology (forthcoming).
  • “The Method of Bifurcatory Division in Plato’s Sophist,” Elenchos (2021).
  • Diairesis and Koinōnia in Sophist 253d1-e3,” History of Philosophy Quarterly (2020).
  • “Toward a Two-Route Interpretation of Parmenidean Inquiry,” Epoché (2020).

Current Projects

  • Inquiring into Being: Essays on Parmenides (edited book volume)
  • Essays on Plato's SophistPhilebus, and Cratylus, and Aristotle's De memoria et reminiscentia