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Application Form

Congratulations, Ryan Pollock, you've been nominated for a Philosophy Graduate Teaching award! Please complete the form below to finalize your award application.

Please upload your application documents (in PDF form) and submit them here.

Also, please correct your name and email, below, if they are incorrect.

In addition to the materials above, please also submit supplemental material based on the award for which you have been nominated:

  1. Research. Student should submit an overview of her work (two pages minimum) that discusses major research goals and the way that the students' previous scholarship (journal articles, conference papers, etc.) have contributed to these goals.
  2. Teaching. Student should submit a one or two page teaching philosophy and copies of SRTE scores. Only scores from classes that the student has taught herself should be submitted (scores from TAing will not be considered).
  3. Service. Student should submit an additional one page (alternatively, the statement of purpose can simply be lengthened) statement describing her specific service contributions to both the department and the philosophy graduate student body. The statement should also include a sense of the student’s plans for future service and of her vision for department community.